Machine Learning Advanced

Apply a range of advanced machine learning techniques.Duration: 6-8 weeks

Course Description

The course aims to train engineers to become experienced & expert data scientist. It will contain lots of practical exercises, theory & many end-to-end data science implementation in depth. The course will also have 3 Projects that I' iII enable participants to learn Machine Learning in-depth & work smoothly on Industry Use Cases. This is an advanced course in Machine Learning  & will cover modules like Natural Language Processing, Recommender System, Time Series Modeling, etc.

Curriculum Structure

  • Machine Learning Advanced
    • Machine Learning Concepts - Review
    • Recommender Engines
    • Forecasting (Time Series Modeling)
    • Natural Language Programming (NLP)
    • NLP Based Libraries & Usage
    • Computer Vision Basics
    • Reinforcement Learning Basics
    • Overview of Deep Learning Basics

Arun Singal

Head In Nichola's Sports Academy

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