Cloud Computing

Gain a deep insight about Google Cloud Platform products & services.Duration: 5-6 weeks

Course Description

This course is designed to help you master your skills in Google Cloud Platform, Its products & services. It starts with the basics of Cloud Computing & GCP infrastructure & ends with Containers & their orchestration. This instructor-led course is aimed at providing an in-depth understanding of all GCP services in Storage, Networking, Databases, App Engine, Security, Virtual Machines etc. The course also aims you to clear GCP Professional Cloud Architecture Certification.

Curriculum Structure

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Getting Started
      • Downloadable File
    • Services
      • Discuss about various services
  • Managing GCP Services
      • Cloud Computing
  • GCP Networking
      • New Image
  • GCP Identity & Access Management (IAM)
    • GCP Security Services
      • GCP Security Services
        • Quiz
    • GCP Computer Services
    • GCP Storage & Database Services
    • Containers
    • Data Processing using Dataflow
    • GCP APls & Development Services
    • GCP DevOps Services
    • Designing & Implementing GCP Migration
    • Preparation & Case Studies discussion for GCP Cloud Architect Certification

    Arun Singal

    Head In Nichola's Sports Academy

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