Angular Certification

At the end of this training, you will develop a social blogging platform and learn...Duration: 6-8 weeks

Course Description

The Angular Certification course will enable the participant to understand the design of applications by learning Angular framework, building components directives in Angular, store data using forms and Firebase, services, pipes, Bootstrap Grid System, dependency injections, SPA, class Testing and routing in Angular. After completing this program, the participant will be able to develop a single page and multiple page applications. To get the maximum out of this program it is desirable to have familiarity with HTML, CSS and JavaScript & Oops concepts.

Curriculum Structure

  • Angular Certification
    • Angular Framework & Architecture
    • TypeScript
    • Components Directives
    • Data Storage using Forms & Firebase
    • Bootstrap Grid System
    • Service dependency injection
    • Work with MVC
    • Routing in Angular
    • Class Testing
    • Use Angular CLI
    • Develop UI using Bootstrap

Arun Singal

Head In Nichola's Sports Academy

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