4th Industrial Revolution – Boon for India

4th Industrial revolution with disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things (IoT) etc. are changing the way we live and work. These technologies and trends will have significant impact on every Industry vertical like manufacturing, healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Retail etc. With convergence of technologies and implementation of new use cases, we have started to gain more insight on the potential benefits and threats to society at large.

India with a large young workforce, rich Pool of English speaking scientist, researchers & engineers, Manufacturing Competitive Index, Start-up India push, Large Middle Class generating domestic demand can significantly gain in the 4th Industrial revolution. A number of studies & reports from leading institutions like World Economic forum, World Bank, Mckinsey etc. have given their perspectives on how much India can gain from the demand/opportunities from these technologies. Five cities of India have a potential to become larger than 5 different countries in terms of GDP by 2030 as per one of these studies.

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We at IR4tech (Industrial Revolution 4.0 Technologies) are working on having professionals acquire future skills required in the 4th industrial revolution to stay relevant and accelerate their careers.

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